Nutrition Consultancy

As nutrition consultants, We work as technical supporters, consultants, or as partner in the nutrition programmes and projects of the governmental/ non-governmental and private organizations in Nepal. Also we have nutrition programme package for schools, corporates, orphanages, old age care homes, fitness centres and others as below:

School Nutrition Programme

  • Childhood malnutrition has negative influence in their physical and mental growth, development and maturation that can have a detrimental effect on school enrolment and attendance, on cognition and educational achievement and reduces activity level too.
  • In older children, changing dietary habit is influenced by the peers, mass media, social and cultural norms, and lack of nutrition knowledge, while the influence of the family tends to decline. Thus, proper guidance is a necessity for development of proper and healthy eating habit of children.
  • In Nepal, students spend about 200 days in the school in a year. Their mental and physical health is greatly influenced by their interaction in the school environment.  The school is one of the agencies that could contribute more than any other institution to promote the health of young people and school personnel.
  • The objective of the program is to assess and analyse nutritional status and diet habit of children and develop proper plan in order to improve it.
  • Program will be implemented as a yearly package of different activities. The activities include nutritional assessment of children, classes for students, parents and teachers, food safety and hygiene classes for kitchen staffs and other activities according to plan. School will be visited for at least one day in a month to execute the plan.

Corporate Nutrition Program

Why nutrition is important for work force?

The organisation’s success or failure lies upon health and well being of a company’s workforce. By changing the dietary behavior of the staffs our corporate nutrition program can bring benefits as below which would ultimately help to improve the organisation’s productivity and success. It helps in:

  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness
  • Assists in recruitment and retention
  • Improves employee motivation and morale
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing with a host of wider benefits
  • Shows the workforce that the company cares enough to invest in preventive health care.
  • Ultimately reduces the human and financial cost of ill-health.

The program would include nutrition talks and seminars, assessment of body composition of the staffs, individualized diet counselling for diabetes, hypertension, weight management and other conditions.

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