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As quoted by Hippocrates (father of medicines) Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. The importance of this phrase has been increasing day by day in modern world today. The world population used to suffers from communicable diseases but due to lack of physical activity and improper food eating habit has lead the world towards non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and kidney disease. As being developing country, Nepal faces different nutritional challenges both under nutrition and over nutrition challenges. The main objective of NDS Nepal is to educate society about nutrition and counsel people for healthy diet in Nepal. The current health care system in Nepal focuses mainly on curative action rather than preventive action so NDS main vision is to teach society and stakeholder to take action against root causes of problem rather than effect of problem in Nepal.


Balanced diet is key to health because diet plays vital role for maintaining good health.  Balanced diet provided according to the requirement and health or disease conditions not only prevent malnutrition but is also a vital factor of chronic diseases. Read more...
As nutrition consultants, We work with different organizations of Nepal in the nutrition programmes and projects. Also we have nutrition program package for schools, corporates, orphanages, old age care homes, fitness centres and others in Kathmandu Read more...
We offer food safety and hygiene training for hotels, restaurants, institutional kitchens in Nepal which would be pivotal to confirm the safer healthier and nutritious food are being provided to consumers in Nepal. Read more...
We provide various nutrition and dietary supplements for clients in affordable price. these include phytochemicals, nutraceuticals complementary and supplementary foods, NG Feeding solutions,, protein and vitamin supplements. Read more...

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